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Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Bold
  • Complex
  • Smooth

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon has a strong tannin structure that creates a great first impression that you’re not going to forget. With an intense yet balanced blend of black fruit aromas including blackberry, cherry and soft prune, the burst of flavours are simply delicious.

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...leads with spicy smoky oak in the aromas and pours more oak over the ripe cherry and black-plum flavors.

— Jim Gordon

More About Our Cabernet Sauvignon

Exceptional winemaker Beth Liston’s vision shines through here, with a brave and daring approach delivering a wine that exceeds your expectations. A conventional Cabernet Sauvignon red wine has black cherry and plum notes with subtle undertones which Beth has built on, using only the best grapes from selected Californian vineyards. Her unique French and Hungarian oak ageing technique adds a twist that makes this stand out from the crow.

Each glass has hints of black fruit with a hint of dark chocolate and espresso, like a warming cup of rich roasted mocha. Every sip of this Dark Horse red wine has a smooth, velvety finish.

This Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect fit for barbecue cuisine. Our Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon pairs just as exceptionally well with gourmet grilled steak as it does with homemade burgers smothered in melted cheese. Take a sip of your wine before you devour your meal to enjoy the wine’s bold texture and flavour.

Sit down to a delicious meal, open a bottle and decant into glasses to share with friends.

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